Commercial Heating Services

commercial furnace in savannahAre you looking for a commercial heating company in Savannah that can handle all of your heating needs? At Icebound, we understand the needs of commercial businesses in the area. That’s why we have a team of professional heating experts dedicated to working in commercial heating in Savannah. We know that you need your heater so your employees, your customers, or your tenants can stay warm so we’ll respond quickly, work efficiently, and get the job done as soon as we can.

Commercial Heating Repair

When you need commercial heating repair, you need the job done now. We’ll come to your place of business ASAP, assess your heating needs, then start work on your repair. We’ll work hard to get your commercial heating repair completed fast so no one gets cold at your place of business. If we need to order parts, we’ll work with you to make sure the job is completed as soon as it possibly can be.

Commercial Heating Installation

If it’s time for a commercial heating installation or we think that that’s a better option for you than a repair, we’ll help you find the best new heating unit for your business. When it comes to commercial heating in Savannah, we know that you need a heater you can trust all winter, every winter. We’ll work hard to match you with the heater that is best for you. Approve it and we’ll get your commercial heating installation completed fast. We do every installation according to manufacturer specifications so you can be sure your new heater was put in right.

Commercial Furnace Services

Do you have a furnace for your business? Our technicians are fully trained on and experienced in both commercial furnace repair and commercial furnace installation. We can even come out and let you know which option you think would be best for you and your business. We’ll help you get your commercial furnace repair completed fast or we’ll make sure you get the best commercial furnace installation for your company.

Commercial Heat Pump Services

We are also fully versed in commercial heat pump repair and commercial heat pump installation. Call us to get your commercial heat pump repair started fast or to get the best commercial heat pump installation in Savannah. We’ll work hard and fast to make sure you have the heat you need to keep your business going. You won’t have to worry about a thing, either. We’ll work in the background to stay out of your way, all while ensuring the repair or installation is done right. When we’ve finished, you’ll be warm again and you can get back to business as usual.

Call Icebound whenever you need a commercial heating company in Savannah. We’ll get to you quickly, determine the best path to getting your heat back on fast, and start work immediately. Then we won’t stop until you’re warm again! Call us today to find out how easy it can be to get your commercial heating running again soon!


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If your heating isn’t working properly, you’ll end up paying more in energy bills.



If your heating breaks, you could lose potential business — and lose money as a result.



A working heating system doesn’t only save you money, it can help the environment.



It can be hard to get work done if all of your employees are freezing.


A malfunctioning heating system works a lot harder than it should, which leads to you paying for more on your energy bill. If you get an annual check on your heating system, you could save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. Plus, our HVAC specialists will be able to tell you when you’ll need to replace your unit, giving you time to save and plan instead of be shocked and broke when it unexpectedly breaks down.



Customers aren’t going to last long when your place is freezing. No one wants to lose business, just because their place is too cold. But what’s more, your heating system works to protect your pipes and other elements of your business. A broken heating unit can lead to uncomfortable customers, freezing (and bursting) pipes, and a mess of problems. Better to just get the checkup with the seasoned HVAC team at IceBound.


If you don’t want to only hear “it’s freezing!” or “I’m cold!” when you’re at work, then you’ll need to get your heating in check well before the coldest day of the year hits. It’s not fair for your employees to expect them to work in harsh conditions. They very well might not be able to get their jobs done if it’s too cold, which slows productivity and makes it harder for your business to function. The first rule of management is to always listen to and respect your employees — a heating unit that’s in good shape puts their needs as a priority.



When your heating system is working at its best, it won’t have to work as hard, and it won’t use as much energy. This is beneficial for you, but it’s also helpful to the environment. Energy efficiency is everyone’s responsibility, and customers will likely appreciate you taking initiative to help the environment. Talk with our HVAC specialists about replacing your current heating system for something that’s more efficient — we’ve said it already, but it can also save you money!

While early fall is the best time of year for you to get your heating checked out, we at IceBound HVAC & Refrigeration are happy to help whenever! Contact us for maintenance, repairs, annual checkups, or emergency services. We’d be glad to hear from you!